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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 05:42

The site is now fully live with outside-verified security certificates! Shop our pages and login with full confidence, as our "https" portions of the website are now verified secure.

A big thanks to everyone for your patience while we got that set up!

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Written by Jeremy   
Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:03

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Get to Know Us

In mythology, the Roc was an enormous bird with white or brown coloring, capable of carrying an elephant off in its talons. The Roc is most famously associated with two stories: as the bird who punishes sailors for breaking its egg by destroying their vessel and as the bird who helps Sinbad escape an island he is marooned on. The Roc is said to be the king of birds, and may have been one of the influences for Tolkien's Great Eagles.

Roc Games is a small business operated out of the mid Willamette Valley in Oregon. We're your one-stop online shop for all things Xbox 360. What do we mean by that? We've got a store with some of the best values around and a constantly growing catalogue of Xbox 360 games, accessories, hardware, and other gear.

But that isn't all we've got. We don't just sell our games--we give you more information about them than retailers; we want to help you make informed decisions about games, so we preview them before they're out, review them once they're out, and keep you up to date with accurate game details.

We also have a full suite of community pages to bring you together with other gamers; we've got a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and in-site forums. Why go anywhere else for your gaming needs? Read past the break for more about what makes Roc Games your place for all things Xbox 360.

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